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12 Sep, 2012- High winds and pouring rains caused many trees in Brevard community to take a beating...

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17 / 01 / 2013

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I find The Palm Bay Tree Services actually reliable. Mike and his team works great every time. Have used his service and continued ever since. It is years of association with me and Mike. My association with Mike is no longer professional but more of a trust and faith. Sam P. 1/17/2013

Tree Service Equipment

We have a full range of equipment for projects of all sizes.

We use state of the art equipment and machines that are appropriate for the job at hand. The life of a tree could be saved by using the right equipment and conversely, destroyed, if tree service equipment is not scaled correctly for the job. For example, the work of lifting a boulder or digging the ground can be done by both front end and back end loaders. Our expertise comes into play in choosing which equipment is appropriate for the task.

All of the equipment, trucks, loaders, etc. are well-maintained and serviced on a regular basis to ensure worker safety and proper functioning when in use. Mechanical inspections are done routinely to ensure that the equipment is safe and effective, when in use. When not in use, our equipment is properly cleaned and stored in order to be ready for emergencies.

Loaders are used for heavy boulders.

In our front end loader, the loader comes with a fork used to dig the soil or lift a heavy boulder or even the stump after grinding. For removing a log, a broken branch, some gravel, or a loose root of a broken tree— a front end loader works better than the back end. Lifting heavy boulders requires a huge crane with clamps or a crusher that crushes the rock before it is lifted.

Unlike bulldozers, most loaders are wheeled and not tracked, although track loaders are common. They are most useful where sharp-edged materials in construction debris would damage rubber wheels, or where the ground is soft and muddy. Wheels provide better mobility and speed and do not damage paved roads as much as tracks.

Bucket lifts are used for high tree trimming.

For short trees, trimming is not a major issue as the branches are easily reachable. However, to trim a high tree is really difficult and requires our crews to mount a high level base that can provide better access.

This is where our  bucket lift comes in. The bucket is attached with a long and angular adjustable rod that can reach enormous heights. The bucket is like a comfortable room where the tree trimmer can stand and cut or trim the required branches.

We also use Bobcats for loading and moving heavy boulders.

Our Bobcats are used for collecting loads to put into a dump truck. After heavy storms and also when a huge tree is removed, a lot of soil comes out and accumulates in an area. The debris needs to be taken to another location to clean the area. A bobcat is the best device to use in such a situation. We also use our Bobcats for landscaping where the property needs to be leveled or graded and to move fresh soil to the area.

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